Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Universal Music Group: Illuminati Connections

Today more so than ever, music artists are exposing the industry. Countless artists from each genre are helping to lift the veil that have been blinding the masses since the industries inauguration. Many have shown that they’re pushing the agenda of the global elite and have sold themselves out for money and fame. The mainstream music industry has long been used as a form of mind control, attempting to shape the humans perception of reality and feed them their wants, desires and needs coupled with subliminal messaging that becomes implanted in the subconscious mind. It’s one portion of the global control matrix that programs the human mind and contributes in preventing the human being from knowing it’s natural state and true self. It’s a branch of the entire “military industrial complex.” This article will examine connections that go beyond the artists and make you think.
Who are the artists working for? Who owns the mainstream music industry? Who’s pushing the agenda and where did the mainstream music industry come from? Royal bloodlines have always used mechanisms for control. The only difference today is that more tools for control have been developed. The mainstream music industry is controlled by a small group of entities. The largest and first developed  is the Universal Music Group.
Universal Music Group (UMG) is a multinational music company. It’s the largest of the “Big Three” record companies which include Sony Music Entertainment and Warner music group. UMG was originally the company attached to the film studio Universal Pictures. However, it’s origins go back to the formation of  Decca Records. Decca Records originates in England, which is one of the main control hubs of the Illuminati. The Decca corporation of England created their American branch in 1939. Decca Records was renowned for it’s development of recording methods, Decca and UMG are now owned by General Motors and Comcast, and originally owned by Vivendi, a media conglomerate headquartered in France which we will examine later on in this article. Decca referred to themselves as “The Supreme Record Company.” It was formed by merging the word “mecca” with the initial D of their logo, meaning a place that draws a lot of people. When the Decca branch in America was developed, they set up their studio headquarters in the Pythian Temple located in New York City. Why would Decca/UMG set up their headquarters at the Pythian Temple? UMG has it’s roots in the Illuminati, at a specific level of the pyramid. Music was to be used strictly for control purposes. As we see today, most forms of human art and creation are now being used as tools of manipulation and deception. The Pythian Temple is a building that belonged to theKnights of Pythias at the time Decca/UMG set up their studio there. The Knights of Pythias is a fraternal organization and secret society founded and  formed in February of 1864, in Washington, DC. They were the very first fraternal organization to receive a charter under an act of the United States Congress. It was founded by Justus H. Rathbone, whom not surprisingly was a music composer and actor.  Some notable Pythian Knights include:                
  •  Nelson A. Rockefeller, U.S. Vice President                           
  •  Warren G. Harding, U.S President
  • William McKinley, U.S President 
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt, U.S. President 
  • Hugo Black, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
  • Benjamin Cardozo, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
  • Louis Armstrong, Jazz Musician, actor
  • Sun Ra, Jazz Musician
  • Hubert Horatio Humphrey, U.S. Vice President
Can you see the connection? Universal Music Group (UMG) originated within Decca Records. Decca Records originates in the United Kingdom, and expanded to America which began the inauguration of the UMG. The studio was headquartered at the Pythian Temple at the time, home of the Pythian Knights. Interesting connection that sheds light on a recent brief history of UMG’s major music label.
Given this brief history of UMG, let’s transition into the modern day and look at who and what entity is in control now. Vivendi SA (formerly known as Vivendi Universal) is a French multinational mass media and telecommunication company located in Paris, France. They were  sole owners of UMG/Decca until 2004.  Vivendi SA was originally Compagnie Generale des Eaux (CGE), and was created by an Imperial decree of Napoleon III in 1854. CGE was created in sole purposes of controlling the water supply. At the same time, the Rothschild family was heavily involved as both had plans to ‘take’ over  the Americas. They were in constant discussion and dialogue with regards to their plans. CGE has also broken off into Veolia Enviornnement S.A. and is now a major multinational company with activities in water supply, water management, waste management and energy. As you can see, the music industry has some pretty interesting origins and connections by being connected to other industries that regulate the human race and it’s activity on planet Earth.
In 2004, General Electric purchased 80 percent of Universal Pictures from Vivendi, and Vivendi bought 20 percent of NBC forming the company NBC Universal, who is controlled by Comcast and General Electric.  Now, Comcast and GE both own half. So who owns this major music label now? GM and Comcast. Banker JP Morgan and family funded Thomas Edison’s Electric Illuminating company were responsible for the merger between the Illuminating company and General Electric (GE).When Nikola Tesla discovered how to access zero point energy, his lab was burned down and funding stopped. Today, it’s well known that the Rockefeller name is associated with General Electric. General Electric also owns a large part of our mainstream media. The GE headquarters in New York is the focal point of the entire Rockefeller Center Complex. If you scroll back up to the some of the notable Pythian Knights, you will also see a Rockefeller connection. It’s pretty crazy to see that the music business is a part of this global connection, the ones who control the worlds resources are also active in General Electric, which owns NBC Universal, which owns Universal Music Group. When it comes to music videos, television and music artists, the ones at the very top are the same ones heavily involved with General Electric. The Illuminati have disguised themselves as a number of multinational corporations, but the leeds always lead to the same families, it’s all about controlling the human population, and not having them know it.