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Pyramids the city of free power. While now we live like savages.

The Pyramids of Giza are considered one the greatest wonders of the world. Gerald Massey (29 May 1828 – 29 October 1907) was a poet and author of spiritualism. He was best known for his book Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World. He soon died after the book was published but it remains a staple today in academic circles.  I remember reading a profound statement Massey made (and I paraphrase) when he said although he has been studying ancient Egypt for over 40 years, he felt his knowledge base on ancient Egypt was that of a child!

I wonder where his knowledge base would have been if he lived during our times; advanced enough to put the pieces together?  There has been a tremendous amount of theories regarding the pyramids. In the earliest phases archeologist believe pyramids where nothing but tombs for the pharaohs. In essence, they believed the larger than life a pharaoh was correlated to the size of their pyramid.

Herodotus, in the 5th century BC, who has been called the “Father of History” wrote that Cheops never used the great pyramid as a tomb, but was buried elsewhere, “in a subterranean region on an island surrounded by the waters of the Nile.

Later theories morphed into showing the power of Egypt and they were aligned with celestial markers to honor their gods. Many dedicated authors studied over large chunks of their lives and have built compelling cases but it just might be really simple. Due to theft and looting we have been left with a shell and architectural clues. Suppressing the truth of the Great Pyramids of Giza leads back to the elite protecting their systems in order to stay filthy rich.

What we are looking at, when evaluating the Pyramids of Giza, was a multi-purpose energy system. This was free energy afforded to all of the people. All homes enjoyed light and power even the most rudimentary batteries stayed charged. I discovered a cymatic match on the Sumerian Tablet of Shamash which shows a particular frequency embedded in stone. I began to understand the ancient people used sound to move objects.

Recording of sound from near the Earth’s core.

The Great Pyramids of Giza harness the very sound waves from the inner core of the earth. Humans cannot hear the frequencies from the Earth but sound waves are emanating from the Earth. These pyramid cultures flourished because they took care of the basic needs of the people. This is exactly why these ancient empires lasted thousands upon thousands of years.

The Great Pyramid is flat dab in the center of the earth’s land mass and also acts like a fulcrum. This design take advantage of the sound waves pushing out of the inner core into the shafts. Where the limestone dampens the low frequencies and only allows the highest frequencies to emanate out of the pyramid. The pyramids where coated with gold which conducted these high frequencies. This is why there was such a quest for gold from these ancient civilizations because it led to power…just not the kind most think!

Based on the size of the Pyramid of Giza a field of free energy was created around Egyptian cities. The ancient word for battery was djed and any battery in this field was constantly charged. Ankhs in this field had increased power and the darker the skin the higher the frequency a person could conduct. Rods were used to direct this power in a field for the intended purpose.

The Pyramid of Giza is essentially the world’s largest Pepco station! Due to its enormous size massive amounts of high frequency could be generated. The field must have went out for hundreds of miles! The Pyramid of Giza was flooded with water because sound travels about 4 times as fast in water as it does in air! Which means the high frequency were moving with increased velocity by the time it hit the crystals.

Due to the partial covalency of water's hydrogen bonding, electrons are not held by individual molecules but are easily distributed amongst water clusters giving rise to coherent regions capable of interacting with local electric and magnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation.

Can you imagine living in a country that not only was responsible for the infrastructure and development of the nation, but provided FREE energy to the people? This was a time when people actually worked together and did amazing things because of FREE energy. Any device which required power was automatically powered if it was in this field; the caveat is you would have to know the tune.

The elements used to design the high frequency power stations were ferreted away after Napoleon’s “scientific” expedition. Soon after Napoleon’s return new patents for electronics began to emerge. After Napoleon’s army left the pyramids unprotected the ransacking began; but rest assured the components of the high frequency generator had already been removed. Knowing the Pyramid of Giza is a high frequency generator allows us to reverse engineer the necessary components based on the architecture of ALL of the shafts. Including the King and the Queen’s chamber, as they like to call it.

Now when I look at the King and Queen’s chamber I see a housing for the missing components. I believe there were customized crystals housed in these chambers. When the high frequency sped through the water then the crystals began to vibrate. A frequency so high it was undetectable by humans ears. Let’s get a better understanding of crystal used for frequency. A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material to create an electrical signal with a very precise frequency.

This means a precise frequency was generated, instrument, tools, and weapons had to be configured to this precise frequency allowing them to tune in and gain power! If you were an outsider and you needed power you had to be cleared and trained about the precise frequency. Any invention in the ancient land need only tune-in and massive amounts of free energy was available.

Let’s take a look at the architectural structure and you will see how The Great Pyramid’s design takes the energy from our rotating earth. Inside the Earth’s inner core are more crystals! Remember, I mentioned crystals were used in the King and Queen’s chamber? Well the Earth’s crystals created an ever present field of sound . . . we just can’t hear it; but it surely can be harnessed. As demonstrated by many ancient pyramid cultures.

This also explains why these ancient cultures lived in such harmony with the Earth because she was more than the sustainer of life. The ancients knew the Earth was a power station giving her children free energy. As a by-product of the Earth’s free spin her crystals vibrated frequency . . . sound waves. This explains the design of the “Unfinished Chamber” of the Pyramid of Giza, accepted by academia and perpetuated by the educational systems.

The “Unfinished Chamber” is quite finished. I assure you. It was designed to capture and direct the sound waves through the pyramid. In its rawest form the sound waves come bundled in low to the highest frequencies. Again, the water acted as a “turbo boost” pushing the frequencies through four times faster than if they merely passed through air. This allowed the King and the Queen’s crystals to vibrate and increase the propagating sound waves in the pyramid! The frequencies propagated toward the outside of the pyramid where the low frequencies were filtered out and only the high frequency escaped the pyramid. The gold coating on the Great Pyramid of Giza allowed the pyramid structure to resonate only the high frequency.

Now we understand why the ancient Egyptians decided to build the Great Pyramid at the exact center of the surface of the Earth’s land mass. That must have been the best location for acoustic capture of free energy! If the Earth’s core is a massive iron/crystal core at 1,500 wide silently ringing free energy around the earth who needs fossil fuels? We are all being distracted and the solutions are right in our face. We could replicate this basic design and transform every industry and change life for the better.

At one time the entire academic systems perpetuated the Pyramid of Giza was a tomb for Cheops. I can only suspect after the Napoleon’s “scientific” theft of the inner workings of the pyramids false notions were planted in academic circles. Even then the elite knew not to share free energy with the people; let alone, with an energy the elite could not profit off. The elite worked through secret societies that spanned the globe. There is a phrase that whoever wins the wars owns the history. As you can see the Pyramid of Giza is more than just a spiritual symbol or a show of great power . . . it is a transformer of great power!

This means all the other planets in our solar system . . . including our Sun emanate sound waves; a high frequency symphony waiting to get tapped like a college keg party. We need only to disconnect from our current path of being “fear-aholics” and “doomsday prophecy junkies.” We are being distracted as a human race on unprecedented levels. The irony is answers are right in our face yet all we need to do is to focus on them. Technology has reached such a place in conjunction with the Internet where we are becoming aware. Dots are being connected much quicker now.

High Frequency Ankh and the Melanin Supersuit

Instead of focusing on doom and a rush to death we need to embrace being alive. We need to focus our collective consciousness on improving our lives through free energy. The ancients left us blueprints embedded in stone. We need only use our current scientific knowledge base to reverse engineer the solutions. Understanding the Earth is not only the sustainer of life but a free energy power station should guide us in protecting her. No more needs for hydrofracturing, oil, or gas because man needs to rape the Earth in order to collect these fossil fuels. It is time to wake up as a people and feel the vibrations.

Written by: Michael Erevna

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Civilizing the Greeks, Romans,Europe and Ending The Dark Ages

The first civilized Europeans were the Greeks, who were chiefly civilized by the Africans of the Nile Valley." The Greeks transmitted this culture to the Romans, who finally lost it, bringing on a dark age of five hundred years. Civilization was restored to Europe when another group of Africans, the Moors, brought this Dark Age to an End.

When the topic of the Moorish influence in Europe is being discussed, one of the first questions that arises is, what race were they?
As early as the Middle Ages, “Moors were commonly viewed as being mostly black or very swarthy, and hence the word is often used for negro,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary.
Author and historian Chancellor Williams said “the original Moors, like the original Egyptians, were black Africans.”
The 16th century English playwright William Shakespeare used the word Moor as a synonym for African. His contemporary Christopher Marlowe also used African and Moor interchangeably.
Arab writers further buttress the black identity of the Moors.  The powerful Moorish Emperor Yusuf ben-Tachfin is described by an Arab chronicler as “a brown man with wooly hair.”
Black soldiers, specifically identified as Moors, were actively recruited by Rome, and served in Britain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, and Romania.  St. Maurice, patron saint of medieval Europe, was only one of many black soldiers and officers under the employ of the Roman Empire.
Although generations of Spanish rulers have tried to expunge this era from the historical record, recent archeology and scholarship now shed fresh light on the Moors who flourished in Al-Andalus for more than 700 years – from 711 AD until 1492.  The Moorish advances in mathematics, astronomy, art, and agriculture helped propel Europe out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance.

Universal Education
The Moors brought enormous learning to Spain that over centuries would percolate through the rest of Europe.
The intellectual achievements of the Moors in Spain had a lasting effect; education was universal in Moorish Spain, while in Christian Europe, 99 percent of the population was illiterate, and even kings could neither read nor write. At a time when Europe had only two universities, the Moors had seventeen, located in Almeria, Cordova, Granada, Juen, Malaga, Seville, and Toledo.
In the 10th and 11th centuries, public libraries in Europe were non-existent, while Moorish Spain could boast of more than 70, including one in Cordova that housed hundreds of thousands of manuscripts. Universities in Paris and Oxford were established after visits by scholars to Moorish Spain.
It was this system of education, taken to Europe by the Moors, that seeded the European Renaissance and brought the continent out of the 1,000 years of intellectual and physical gloom of the Middle Ages.

Fashion and Hygiene
Abu l-Hasan Ali Ibn Nafi – who was also known as Ziryab (black singing bird in Arabic) and Pájaro Negro (blackbird) in Spanish- was a polymath, with knowledge in astronomy, geography, meteorology, botanics, cosmetics, culinary art and fashion. He is known for starting a vogue by changing clothes according to the weather and season. He also suggested different clothing for mornings, afternoons and evenings.
He created a deodorant to eliminate bad odors, promoted morning and evening baths, and emphasized  maintaining personal hygiene. Ziryab is believed to have invented an early toothpaste, which he popularized throughout Islamic Iberia – primarily in Spain.
He made fashionable shaving among men and set new haircut trends. Royalty used to wash their hair with rosewater, but Ziryab introduced salt and fragrant oils to improve the hair’s condition.

Ziryab was also an arbiter of culinary fashion and taste, and revolutionized the local cuisine by introducing new fruit and vegetables such as asparagus, and by initiating the three-course meal served on leathern tablecloths. He insisted that meals should be served in three separate courses consisting of soup, the main course, and dessert.
He also introduced the use of crystal as a container for drinks, which was more effective than metal. Prior to his time, food was served plainly on platters on bare tables, as was the case with the Romans.
In general, the Moors introduced many new crops including the orange, lemon, peach, apricot, fig, sugar cane, dates, ginger and pomegranate as well as saffron, cotton, silk and rice,  all of which remain prominent in Spain today.

Urban Utilities: Street lights, Hospitals and Public Baths
In the 10th Century, Cordoba was not just the capital of Al Andalus (Moorish Spain) but also one of the most important cities in the world, rivaling Baghdad and Constantinople.  It boasted a population of 500,000 (200,000 more than now) and had street lighting, fifty hospitals with running water, three hundred public baths, five hundred mosques and seventy libraries – one of which held over 500,000 books.
The Moorish achievement in hydraulic engineering was outstanding. They constructed an aqueduct, that conveyed water from the mountains to the city through lead pipes.
All of this, at a time when London had a largely illiterate population of around 20,000 and had forgotten the technical advances of the Romans some 600 hundred years before. Paved and lighted streets did not appear in London or Paris for hundreds of years later.

The “father of modern surgery,” Abu al-Quasim (Al Zahrawi), was a Moor who was born in Cordoba. During a practice that lasted fifty years, he developed a range of innovative and precise surgical instruments, while writing a text book that was to be a cornerstone of Western medical training for the next 500 years.

Human Flight
The Moors’ scientific curiosity extended to flight when polymath Ibn Firnas made the first scientific attempt to fly in a controlled manner, in 875 A.D.  His attempt evidently worked, although the landing was less successful.

Advance Agriculture Techniques
Under the Moors, Spain was introduced to new food crops such as rice, hard wheat, cotton, oranges, lemons, sugar and cotton. More importantly, along with these foodstuffs came an intimate knowledge of irrigation and cultivation of crops. The Moors also taught the Europeans how to store grain for up to 100 years and built underground grain silos.

Paper Making
Paper making was brought to Spain by the Moors, allowing the growth of libraries and, thereby, the accurate preservation and dispersal of knowledge – with Xativa, in Valencia, having the first paper factory in Europe.
Through the Moorish conquest of southern Spain, paper making first reached the Moorish parts of Spain in the 12th century. A paper mill is recorded at Fez in Morocco in 1100, and the first paper mill on the Spanish mainland is recorded at Xàtiva in 1151.

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Certain Families and Bloodlines Control The world

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The Spell That Cursed My People

There is a problem that is spreading all over the world. The problem is what you read, write, and speak. In other words, our problem is English. English is the result of word expansion, contraction, and modifications from every other dialect and language in the world. I call it a bunch of crap that was thrown against the wall and whatever stuck came to be known as English. Inspect and recognize what I’m about to show. When you call someone “nice,” is that a good thing? If a boy is called “bad” does that make him tough? Is “fun” equal to a wonderful time? Does being “fond” of a person mean that you like them? If one is “sad” does that mean they are depressed? To each of these I say ABSOLUTELY NOT! I was never taught in any school that, if I wanted to know the real meaning of a word, I must find the brackets, or square parentheses, like these [ ] and read EVERY SINGLE THING INSIDE. Now, that you know what to look for in the dictionary, the real definitions of the quoted words above are listed below as follows: 1. “Nice” = stupid, foolish, ignorant, unwise, and not knowing 2. “Bad” = an effeminate, or womanish man 3. “Fun” = to befool, fond 4. “Fond” = to be foolish, a fool 5. “Sad” = satisfied, full, have enough So, when you open your mouth, what are you really saying? What frequency are you vibrating unto the swirling ethers? Our oppressor speaks with fork tongue. The Nazi German Jewish Christian European Alliance of Austria’s Holy Roman Empire, also known as the German Confederation, decided in Virginia whether the language to force on the conquered autochthonous people, on America, would be German, or a new concoction called English. English was chosen. As a result, the opposition is still ruling the world today and English is probably one of the primary reasons why. This is due to the fact that since we currently speak their language, then we speak with forked tongue too. There is MAGIC AND POWER IN SPEECH. The darker one is, or the more melanin one has, the more magic and power in the speech! We get what we ask for. Ask and ye shall receive. It is said that in the beginning was the word. Since English was NOT (and IS NOT) our word, then it was the official beginning of our end. My people speak English, but do not know English. We rarely know the real meaning of the words we utter. It is this lack of knowledge that destroys my people, because English is a “SPELL” that causes us to curse ourselves and empower our oppressor. English, which is Anglo-ish, is their word, not ours. To modify the SPELL, there are keys that must first be known about the term “Spell.” “Spell” is the same as “spelian,” and means “to be substitute for.” “Spell” also means a “tale” and A MAGIC FORM OF WORDS. A “tale” is a fib, falsehood, and speech. These definitions all came from the Random House College Dictionary 1973 edition. The 1956, edition of The Columbia Encyclopedia has very revealing data on the word “Spell.” It defines “spell” as “A WORD FORMULA.” It further states that once a spell has been cast, it remains in force until broken by a counter spell, or an “exorcism!” The term “Exorcism” is the key that opens the door to the way out. It is a counter spell. Before I clarify the word exorcism, I must first show how deep the spell goes. The spell begins immediately upon arrival to this planet. Depending on your perspective that might mean the moment you were conceived. Once a child is out of the womb and walking, one of the first words the child learns is “No!” The word “No” is the name of one of the gods called the Forgotten Ones. The Magician’s Dictionary by E.E. Rehmus is a very revealing source for this type of data. It reveals that “No” is the name of quiet erasing and saying it erases the name of the utterer. The spell continues in Kindergarten when we learn the alphabet. Most people are unaware that each letter is a complete word, color, number, frequency, tone, vibration, entity, and sound. The spell is complete by the time we master the vowels A.E.I.O.U. in the first grade. These vowels are arranged to form an acronym for a very powerful spell that is the Motto of Emperor Frederick III of the Hapsburg/Habsburg family (their key strategy was to marry into power). This particular word formula is counterproductive to my people. In Latin it reads “Austriae Est Imperare Orbi Universo.” It means, “It is Austria’s destiny to rule the World.” In German it reads “Alles Erdreich Ist Oesterreich Unterthan.” It means, “The whole World is subjected to Austria.” This can be verified in Amo, Amas, Amat, and More by Eugene Ehrlich. Remember again, that ONCE A SPELL HAS BEEN CAST IT REMAINS IN FORCE UNTIL BROKEN BY A COUNTERSPELL, OR AN EXORCISM! The exorcism is the most profound thing I have figured out, so get your dictionary and pay attention. Look in the brackets, and flow with me. The Random House College Dictionary defines “exorcism” as the administration of an oath and directs the reader to see “exorcise.” “Exorcise” is ex + horkizein. “Horkizein” means to cause (someone) to swear, or bind oneself to, an oath. So, “Exhorkizein” is to ex-swear, or unbind oneself from, an oath. “Oath” means far more than most people realize. “Oath” is defined in the same dictionary as an irreverent, or blasphemous use of the name of god, or anything sacred. “Blasphemous” means profane speech. “Profane” is pro + fane. “Fane” means church, or temple. So, to speak pro-church, or pro-temple is blasphemous. Surprise! We have been had! We must STOP blabbing about (and glorifying) churches and temples. Now, with the other word in oath, we get to the REAL DEAL last key to get out of this mess we are in. “IRREVERENT” is “ir + reverent” and it means Not reverent. “Reverent” is rever + ent and reverse + ent. We need to rever, revere, reverse, reveret, and do a REVERSION! “Verse” means left and turn. This is another way of saying WE MUST SANKOFA, OR GO BACK! To “revert” is to turn back, especially to former thought, habit, and practice of those that were prime (first). This will revert things back to the former owners and their posterity, progeny, or heirs, which is us! “Reversion” is defined as the reappearance of ancestral characters that have been absent in intervening generations! It also means the RETURNING OF AN ESTATE TO THE GRANTOR, OR HER SEEDS AFTER THE INTEREST GRANTED EXPIRES. We must go left and turn back to our ancestor’s CHARACTERS! “Character” is defined as traits, peculiarities, STATUS, and being IN ACCORD WITH ONE’S NATURE and disposition. More importantly, “character” is a significant visual mark, or symbol; a letter of the alphabet; a symbol used in a writing system; a style of writing, or printing any symbol, number, or letter; a series of ones and zeros representing positive and negative impulses in a computer; to portray, engrave, or inscribe; also a graving tool and its mark! This is key, because we are currently using the mark of those who oppress and oppose us. The definition for “Satan” means opponent, enemy, and adversary. Since the word Satan also means the beast, then we are using the mark of the beast. This beast is NOT our feline Bast! Realize that the style of writing used by our Ancestors is the REVERSE of today’s English style. The enemy has us writing right handed in scores of lines from top left corner of a page to the right and down. Our predecessors wrote in swirls from right to left and/or from the bottom right corner of a page to the left and up. Prior to that they wrote in picture images and read it all as one view. Returning to their style of writing and the symbols used in their writing system is a simple way to exercise the brain and exorcise the spell to free your mind. This levitates (left–itates) the reprogramming of the computer inside your skull by creating (or closing) the bridge between the two hemispheres of your brain. Using your left hand (or non dominant one) to write in reverse will rewire and refire the electrical impulse currents in your brain. The bridging of the gap opens the portals and doorways that we need so our Ancestors can reconnect and get a swifter response to the perpetual flow of meaning and energy frequencies that radiate from them through the Antakarana/Antahkarana. They are always calling to us, but too many of us are tuned in to the oppressor’s stupid god, church, and temple, channels of irreverence, blasphemy, and distraction, or one’s individual link to the Ancient Ones is outright severed. Once you start exercising your brain, you will exorcise and counter the spell enough to let our ancestral progenitors blow your mind portal open, pour in data, and unify the forgotten pieces of your essence in motion. It is all still there inside of you and in the swirling aethers around you. The opponent knows how brilliant and magnanimous your Ancestors (Ankh-esse-stors) were. After all, though many of our Ancestor’s records were burned, others were kept for the opposition to decode. Since you are a culmination of every single Ancestor that preceded you and then some, then you and they are One. In other words, you ARE them. Even though my people do not seem to know how marvelous, magnificent, and magnanimous, we are, one MUST understand, innerstand, overstand, and comprehend, that your oppressing opponents (and those that work to empower them) MOST CERTAINLY DO! We have been asleep and dormant too long! We must levitate and become quickened to modify everything now. We manufactured this mess and we must level it. Be Level and Calm, Dr. Yaffa Bey September 2003 - See more at:

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All in One

In the bible Lucifer is known as the Light Bringer and the Bright and Morning Star (Isaiah 14:12-14), in which the morning star rises at its highest horizon at 3 a.m meaning the melanin (Christ Energy) is being produced and rising on the 3rd day (3rd eye) the Pineal Gland. Christ is also referred to as the Star in the East (Eastern Star / Female counterpart to the Masonic Order) (Matthews 2:2) meaning the light bringer, Christ and Satan is one in the same Christ the Sun rises (higher self) and Satan or Set, is the Sun that Sets meaning going down to Set (lower self) also Christ or the Christos is the melanin and Satan is the Mark Of The Beast the 3rd eye or the Pineal gland which also produces the melanin which is 666 and in melanin there is 6 protons 6 electrons 6 neutrons. This is the Power of Us which we reject in their churches and when we reject ourselves we fight that Soul within us which places Us on low frequency. When you operate on a 33 degrees of frequency you are dead, remember in the bible Christ died at age 33. In freemasonry you are told that the highest degree of the sciences is 33 degrees when that is not true. Water freezes at 32 degrees meaning that those sciences are not at its full capacity of being able to Master nature (nature of self). The masonry that is practiced today is boy scout. It is nothing compared to the Eastern Sytems of Freemasonry where it all started. Why do you think our muslim brothers and sistars face the East to pray? Because you are worshipping the black woman who is the Eastern Star and is also the black stone that you kiss in Mecca where you go every year. Kissing the black stone is a form of honoring the black womb. The black woman is the Master Mason who gave birth to its 720 degrees (720/ 7+ 2= 9) meaning the 9 etheric realms of science. We are the 9 ether that is formed within the 9 month gestation of birth from the Universe (the black womb). Every religious book and system is based on the “People Of The Sun” which is the melanated Beings that is known in the 3rd dimension or on Earth as the black people (Human Beings).
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