Monday, March 24, 2008

Atlantis and the Lyra System

If You Cant Watch Them All, Please Watch Part 5.

Part 1 - Dawn of the Gods

Part 2 - Secret societes, aliens as fallen angels, Hitler serving zionism, many secrets of the human race.

Part 3 - Secret Prophecies, we humans are 22 billion years old genetically, we came here from the Lyra star system

Part 4 - Return of the Lightmasters, secret societies, Queen selling opium, bush selling wars

Part 5 - Battle of Armageddon, never join freemasons, all churches are controlled by zionist satanic elite ... They control you by money and religion. Also Hopi, Mayan, & German legends, and the Nazi's, Hollow Earth & Much More.. This Part is a MUST SEE!

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