Monday, March 24, 2008


"Those that don't know their history, are doomed to repeat it."

Know Your ENGLISH:

Christ = Krist = Kristna
Kristna = Krishna
Krishna = Black

Jesus = Jeru
Jeru = Heru
Heru = Hero (Annointed one)

Jesus Christ = Yosua Bin Yosef
Yosua Bin Yosef = Joshua (son) of Joseph
Jesus Christ = Annointed One

Jesus Christ = Black Hero
Black Hero = One who is 'Annointed'

Buddha = Tall, Black, Thin African
Anti-Buddha = Short, White, Fat, Chinese

Krishna = Hindu Deity
Krisna = Symbol of Vishnu
Vishnu = Supreme God in Hinduism
Krishna = 'Black'

Moses = Black Man
Moses = Messenger for Judaism
Moses = Student of Black Egypt (own people)
Jesus = New Black Hero, threat to Old Black Hero (Judaism to Christianity)

Buddha = The Enlightened One or 'THE Buddha'
Buddha = Black Missionaries to China
Buddhas = Gautama, Sakayanumi, Siddhartha
Gautama, Sakayanumi, Siddhartha = Black Men
Buddha = Those Who Are Annointed
The Buddha = Description of Black Buddhists

Muhammad = The Prophet, the Chosen
Muhammad = African

Neo = The 'Chosen' One
The Third Eye = Original Matrix Story
Original Neo = Ikhan
Ikhan = Written as Muhammad Ali

Islam = Religion = Misinterpretation of Muhammad's Message
Juddhaism = Religion = Misinterpretation of Moses' Message
Buddhism = Religion = Misinterpretation of Siddhartha's Message
Christianity = Misinterpretation of Yosua Bin Yosef's Message
Bhagavad Gita = Misinterpretation of Original Afro Dravidian Deities

BOOKS = Last Chance to Understand Philosophy NOT Religion

Qu'Ran = Book inspired by a Black Man
Bible = Book inspired by a Black Man
Bhagavad Gita = Book inspired by Black Deities

Neo-Christianity = White Supremacist View of Black Philosophy
King James Version = Last Chance to erase Black Biblical History
Before KJV Bible = Slaves killed for reading bible
After KJV Bible = Slaves encouraged to read bible

KJV Bible = &035;1 Purchased Bible by Black Christians

HIP-HOP = Black Liberation in Musical Form
ALBUMS = New Black Papyrus (Texts)
RECORD LABELS = New White Supremacy

McDonald's = I'm Lovin It
I'm Lovin It = New Campaign to take credit of Hip-Hop away from Blacks
Distribute to other races Black contributions

Huey Newton = Black Messiah (Murdered)
Fred Hamptom = Black Messiah (Murdered)
Bob Marley = Black Messiah (MURDERED... shoe prick=cancer)
Tupac = Black Messiah (Murdered)

BRAHMANS = Killing the Buddha (New Black Hero)
COINTELPRO = Killing Panthers (New Black Heroes)
CIA = Killing Bob Marley (New Black Hero)
FBI = Killing Martin Luther King Jr. (New Black Hero)
HIP-HOP POLICE = Killing Rappers (New Black Heroes)

MORAL OF STORY: Everything that you do in this world is in direct correlation to revelations of Black Males

Attack on Black Women = Destruction of Black Males

- Trinity "Nefertari" Johnson

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