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2 movies decoded meanings

Superman Returns

Heart and Mind By Kamani

Superman returns is believed to be about the man of steel returning after a five year absence. The reason of his absence was due to the fact astronomers discovered the remains of his home world krypton. Upon returning he finds the world has moved on especially his love interest Lois lane. While he was gone she won the Pulitzer prize for "Why The World Doesn’t Need Superman". She is now a mother of a 5 years old boy named Jason; and she is dating a mundane representation of superman, Richard White (dick white?).

However, the true nature of the film was actually a reminder of what is important for our evolutionary survival. There were constant signs informing us of the current state of our collective direction throughout the movie. For instance our Sun’s solar energy being used as food, genes and Isis (genesis space shuttle) being the vehicle for space exploration, the importance of understanding crystals to build civilizations , the planet on it’s axis, the planet wobbling off it’s axis, the references to mythology such as Prometheus, Thor, and Atlas, consistent earthquakes, frequent blackouts, the resurrection of the continent Atlantis, and most importantly, the editor in chief of the daily planet standee reminding us to "get to know your planet".

The movie starts with a supernova. A supernova is when a star is born. That is ironic seeing that the name Ka’lel mean star child. And from the viewpoint of Ka’ lel’s, perspective we then take a journey thru the stars and constellations. We experienced astral travel, preparing us for what is to come in our evolution. We experience first hand planets, asteroids, stars dying, stars being born, nebula, quasars, comets, asteroids, meteors, and moons. We are taken thru a black hole and travel thru a worm hole to show us that the relevance lies in the stars and the movies meaning is on a cosmic and celestial scale.

Superman is not just a man of Steel but an entity of love whose obligation is that of carrying the world on his shoulders (natural power). Lex Luthor who in essence is not necessarily evil, yet has to go within the darkness to attain the light (seeks power).

Prometheus was a titan that went against the gods and stole fire so that humanity can be warm and to have light. To calm down the gods he introduced the art of sacrifice to the people. The light respectively represents the knowledge. Prometheus had a brother by the name of Atlas he was condemned to the western edge of the earth given the burden of holding the heavens on his shoulders. In the movie crystals represented the divine knowledge, the Akashic records. Crystals represented the fire, the light. This fire creates the resurrection of the ancient continent of Atlantis. The billions of people who will die in the process of the emerging continent symbolize the sacrifice. When Atlantis starts to rise from the depths of the ocean, the reverberations of the earthquakes cause the Daily Planet’s globe (symbolism of the wobbling planet on its axis) to fall. Superman then catches it landing in the same iconic statuesque pose of Atlas. He stays in Metropolis, a fictional New York which is in the western hemisphere of the world.

Lex Luthor consistently states he is the greatest criminal mastermind of our time. He believes him and Superman’s relationship is mind over muscle, when in all actuality, the relationship is heart and mind. Light represents the mind, the eternal flame. While carrying the world on your shoulders, is unconditional love. The "S" on his chest sits on the heart chakra showing his wisdom through unconditional love. The pentagram contains the downward triangle, an elemental symbol of water, a female principle. While Lex Luthor’s signature trademark is his bald head which symbolizes the male phallus, the upward triangle, a masculine force (fire).

We first find Lex Luthor next to a dying woman. We are informed Lex was imprisoned. The only way of freeing himself was to reach out to a woman, to contact the feminine principle. We can tell it was something he did not want to do but had to do. Luthor is use to using the left side of his brain. He does not use the right sided, spiritual feminine part of his brain unless it is a last resort. When he does use the right side it is not with honor or respect but because he has no other means. The woman was a matriarch, old and wise for she had enormous wealth and prosperity. She was the head of a huge family. However with all she had she was weak, she was not complete until a masculine force reached out to show her the levels of pleasure she could never imagine. Once she experienced that realm there was nothing else to live for. Luthor had gained his means, his new power through the manipulation of the feminine principle. After attaining his means the first thing he did was went north. The symbolism of north is the mind; the mind is a masculine principle. North is the minds power of ascendance by applying knowledge. Upon arrival at the furthest point north Luthor finds the fortress of solitude. The fortress is an advanced, geometrical, crystalline structure. The crystals contain metaphysical information of all the known galaxies in the universe. Lex Luthor states Jor ’el thinks he is his son suggestion once again of the brotherhood between superman and Lex. After Kal’els father Jor ’el ask Luthor what he wants to know first, he chooses the science of crystals. Lex luthor thinks while superman feels. There relationship is somewhat symbiotic as the heart is to the mind.

We first see Kal’el on the Kent farm which is in Smallville , Kansas, also known as the heart of America. He was just returning back from his long voyage. He woke up at dawn with nostalgia. It was the moment he first learned he could fly. Flipping thru the frequencies on the tell-lie-vision he was shown the state of the world. Engulfed in wars and natural disasters it was apparent the world was in need of a savior. That savior would have to be heart; it would have to be love. His earth mother had to remind him the universe is vast and he is yet to discover it all. regardless of what he may think he is not alone(love).

They then take us to the daily planet where immediately we are shown that he has a home yet no place to stay (as Clark Kent and Ka’ lel ). His first interest is not a home but the location of his heart Lois Lane. She is seen on a plane being carried by the space shuttle genesis the first of its kind. Genesis is broken down to words genes and Isis. Genes represent the light of where you come from your cosmic connection the force of who you are Isis is the female deity the mothering nurturing principle. Genesis is essentially the birth. He then discovers Lois is a mother of a 5 year old son and dating the nephew of editor in chief Perry white. He also discovers Lois won a Pulitzer Prize for the article "Why The World Doesn’t Need Superman". All that Kal’ el has encountered thus far has dealt with matters of the heart.

Lex Luthor returns to the estate of the dead woman Gertrude. As he approaches the stairs we are shown the act of cannibalism as he descends to the lower chamber. There in lower chamber is the miniscule version of the city of Smallville. He is seen as god in this scene destroying the city with earthquakes and natural disasters. The gestating land’s magnetic forces culminate to the point of an east coast blackout. The blackout disrupts the Genesis mission and prevents the shuttle from detaching from the plane. So Prometheus catalyzes his brother atlas into commencing with his duty of carrying the world on his shoulders once again.

When we first see Jason he pops up on Clark. He states his mother never mentioned him before; this is because Clark is not real. Kal’el is authentic Clark is fabricated. Jason represents the Indigo children. Indigo children are a generation of children born within the last 25 years that have an indigo aura around them. They are very hyper, advanced in their intelligence, the arts, understanding, communication, and spirituality. However, the gov’t deals with this problem thru the medical and pharmaceutical industry, by labeling the children diseased. One of the diseases is ADD or ADHD in which they issue the children Ridelin and other forms of medication. When Lois comes over to find Jason she makes sure he has taken all his medications, which shows something in him is being suppressed. He has a keen observant eye for he is the only one who knows Clark is superman, finds superman when he is about to die in the ocean, and kisses him with love on his third eye when he is on his death bed. It seems the message is the youth has to master the breath. The child did not have asthma; he just had problems focusing on the breaths. Also, the child kept playing a specific tune throughout the course of the film. Seeing that he is the son of Kal ’el and he represents heart of Superman’s soul it would only be fitting that he would be mastering the resonate tune of Hoagie Carmichael’s "Heart and Soul".

With all the elements in this film it seems to come full circle. The circle is perfection it is the center of origin and the infinite possibilities of it’s peripheries. So it would only seem right that I close with one of the most powerful statements of the movie. Lois lane looks at ka’lel and asks "so, will we see you….a round?" and he replies "I’m always a round."

Broken down and decoded by Kamoni, he can be reached

V For Vendetta

Before the movie begins we are introduced to the V for Village road show
followed by the united or double V otherwise known as the "W"
for Warner Bros. The movie begins with the character V prepared for an event he
obviously was ready for, at the same time Evey was running late (or thought she
was) for a meeting she had previously prepared for. Her ego was oblivious to the
events that were about to transpire, however, he knew it was time to meet her.
Now let’s break down the word Evey. The letter Y is considered a Vowel
and Vowels are the intonations of God, meaning they are interchangeable when
focusing on the etymology of the word. Eve is the mystery the feminine principle
of infinite possibilities that needs to be activated by the male principle. Her
parents were both political activist so it was in her blood, it was within her
destiny to assist in the destruction of the light code lockdown of
totalitarianism, in what ever form it came in which in the case was the
chancellors Illuminati. Now they could have easily just called her Eve, however,
by calling her Evey they were showing you that she was not just and eve
principle in a broad aspect but specifically what her relationship was to V. If
she is Evey or Eve V that would be equivalent to the Eve of V, or as I stated
earlier the mystery and the feminine principle that needs to be activated. V is
the the invisible force of masculine energy that is essentially the activator of
that possibility. At the time of there meeting she was on the brink of having
her activation done by Vampires of the lower selves (bottom three chakras) that
were masquerading behind the guise of the double cross symbol of the chancellors
Illuminati. They were on the Verge of raping her and polluting her true nature.
At that moment V made his introduction by claiming his compliment, or instrument
of manifestation. With no hesitation coupled with perfect timing he gracefully
exterminated the three (base sacral navel) Vermin, parasitic, Viruses that were
attempting to Violate her. Upon there introduction to one another he said and
who may I ask are you? She replied . He then stated,
Of course you are . Now what does that mean? Well for one
he knew who she was, he had no true purpose for his actions or for his
Vigilance. What he was missing was the construct to manifest a purpose on a
higher level of consciousness. That is who she represented. Next she asked who
he was, and at that point he then did something very interesting. He responded
in all Vs . He spoke in all V to show his mastery of self on
many levels. One level being that he recognizes she is the Vagina the Venus the
Virgin, thus speaking in all V since it is representation of the feminine
principle. Secondly he had mastery of self and his Vision which was a symbol V.
Thirdly, he was poetically speaking in a tone and Vibration that is graceful
respectful and inviting to her energy fields. From that point he then invited
her to join him in a symphony. A symphony , they call this
foreshadowing, meaning sign of things to come relative to that particular
statement. He then takes her to the roof, symbolism of a higher level. She
stated she had never been on the roof before or in other words has never been on
that level before. He then asked her if she heard it, the gradually increase of
frequency in the form of classical music. Classical music has a vibration that
resonates directly with your higher self and enables you to accrete to a higher
state of consciousness. It drops the Veil by reflecting or channeling the
current energies that the universe has in relation to your plane of the plane(t)
or plan(it) Earth. He tapped in to the media frequency of the police state and
used it to emit the frequency that immediately resonates with the opening of
Vortices and alignment of the individual 7 chakras by displaying classical
music. At the symphonys crescendo V blew up the blindfolded women with
the balancing scales of judgment. This represented the lower self of the Libran
Vibration which leads to the Scorpio s energy, the energy of
transformation, the energy of the Phoenix fire. The judgment principle, the very
principle that has to fall before anything is liberated, was obliterated so that
energy can be converted into the energy needed to begin the awakening process of
the people. For the demolition was not destruction but a true work of art
displaying the symbol that stood for the urgency of the freeing of peoples mind,
and mastering of creativity and manifestation, The V. Everyone then stuck there
heads out the window not in fear and confusion but in a basic state of
understanding, the beginning phases of liberation. This is due to the fact the
frequency between the classical music and the evolution of the judgment
resonated with something in them that has always been oppressed and its Vitality
has been dying to be stimulated. She thought he was out of his
mind. in other words recognizing that he was out side of the box of
the current paradigm which intrigued her subconscious yet frightened her ego.
Broken down and decoded by Kamoni, he can be reached


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