Monday, March 2, 2015

All in One

In the bible Lucifer is known as the Light Bringer and the Bright and Morning Star (Isaiah 14:12-14), in which the morning star rises at its highest horizon at 3 a.m meaning the melanin (Christ Energy) is being produced and rising on the 3rd day (3rd eye) the Pineal Gland. Christ is also referred to as the Star in the East (Eastern Star / Female counterpart to the Masonic Order) (Matthews 2:2) meaning the light bringer, Christ and Satan is one in the same Christ the Sun rises (higher self) and Satan or Set, is the Sun that Sets meaning going down to Set (lower self) also Christ or the Christos is the melanin and Satan is the Mark Of The Beast the 3rd eye or the Pineal gland which also produces the melanin which is 666 and in melanin there is 6 protons 6 electrons 6 neutrons. This is the Power of Us which we reject in their churches and when we reject ourselves we fight that Soul within us which places Us on low frequency. When you operate on a 33 degrees of frequency you are dead, remember in the bible Christ died at age 33. In freemasonry you are told that the highest degree of the sciences is 33 degrees when that is not true. Water freezes at 32 degrees meaning that those sciences are not at its full capacity of being able to Master nature (nature of self). The masonry that is practiced today is boy scout. It is nothing compared to the Eastern Sytems of Freemasonry where it all started. Why do you think our muslim brothers and sistars face the East to pray? Because you are worshipping the black woman who is the Eastern Star and is also the black stone that you kiss in Mecca where you go every year. Kissing the black stone is a form of honoring the black womb. The black woman is the Master Mason who gave birth to its 720 degrees (720/ 7+ 2= 9) meaning the 9 etheric realms of science. We are the 9 ether that is formed within the 9 month gestation of birth from the Universe (the black womb). Every religious book and system is based on the “People Of The Sun” which is the melanated Beings that is known in the 3rd dimension or on Earth as the black people (Human Beings).
Excerpt From My Book Titled: "The Black Sun"
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