Monday, March 24, 2008

Relaxing Foot points

Sometimes our lives can become hectic & we can get stressed out. To un-stress we can simply massage our feet to feel better. Here are a few reflexology points that can be massaged to help strengthen & relax the nervous system.

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Nervous System
Reflex Areas/Points:
Brain (1), hypothalamus (4), pituitary (3), pineal glands (4): located on the bottom of the big toe on both feet.
Spinal Cord (15): located on the inside edge of both feet.
Solar Plexus (17)

Health concerns related to the nervous system & reflex points that will help.

Reflex Areas/Points: solar plexus (17), stomach (18), brain/head (1), adrenal glands (23), kidneys (25), bladder(34)

Reflex Areas/Points: spine (15), neck (5), shoulder (11), brain (1), hip(38)

Reflex Areas/Points: brain/head (1), lymph areas (47)

Reflex Areas/Points: brain/head (1), eyes (9), neck (5) shoulder (11), back , solar plexus (17)

Reflex Areas/Points: brain/head (1), liver (19), thyroid (10), pineal (4), pituitary (3), solar plexus (17)

Reflex Areas/Points: brain/head (1), pituitary (3), eyes (9), stomach (18), solar plexus (17)

Neck Pain:
Reflex Areas/Points: neck (5), spine (15), adrenal (23), solar plexus (17)

Reflex Areas/Points: brain/head (1), heart (14), spine(15 ), solar plexus(17)

*Refer to chart for reflex area/point locations.

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