Monday, March 24, 2008


Introduction to the Perfect Wave Programmers

Creating The Council - 2 hours

This 2 Hour Video goes into detail for how to create a powerful council structure inside your mind that can be utilized for collecting and sorting information. An incredible intelligence system is introduced that reveals how to build a system of consciousness to tap into the unlimited wisdom of the body. Creating the Council is a Powerful and Advanced level of information that is rare to find in such an information saturated environment.

Creating The Collective - 1 Hour

This 1 hour video goes into detail the purpose behind the programming used to create a collective field that we can all contribute towards and experience the return of massive levels of energy. There is a major focus towards the development of the Artificial Intelligence system, Pure Performance and the Virtual Systems introduced in the book "Visions of Heaven" Enjoy this breathtaking information as Cory Herter explains some of the most intricate programming created through the Perfect Wave Programmers.

Advanced Sacred Geometry - 2 hours

Learn the intricate details of Sacred Geometry and how it relates to the creation of the Perfect Wave Programmers. Discover a Law of Geometry that Governs the Underlying Foundation of Nature.

Advanced Sacred Geometry
Part 2 - Time & Space - 2 hours

Discover the concepts that allow the Perfect Wave Programmers to be able to effect our 3-dimensional reality from a 2-dimensional surface. Awaken to new concepts about Time & Space that have never been revealed before.

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