Monday, March 24, 2008

The Power of a word and Half truths

People who want to abolish the N-word make me laugh for a couple of reasons.

The first being that it seems less about getting rid of a word that does us any actual damage, and more of a fear of having to deal with REALITY.

It just seems that there are more Black folks that want to abolish the word because they fear how they will look in front of White folks.

That's dangerous. It means that there are still a large number of Black folks in the world that base their "normalcy" on the standards of White folks.

The second thing being that it never really was an issue until a people who have never been responsible for their own actions, failed to be responsible yet again with the N-word.

Instead of develop a usage protocol (which almost every lasting civilization does to resolve conflict... create a moderation plan for issues), Black folks seem to be comfortable with being socially lazy regarding the word.

We aren't thinking for ourselves. We are waiting for White folks to offer a solution to a problem they don't have the ability to solve.

And instead of realize that it is US with the power over what to say and how to say it regarding the N-word, we lay our power down like gentle beasts, in an effort to be metaphysical "patted on the head" like so many nigger canines.

The N-word is a TEST. You see... only a FEW Black people will pass the test of resistance.

Will you be Black even when it's not cool to be Black?

And if you are willing to conform the Black image or change any of our protocols before handling real issues, then you are a compromised Negro.

If you have thought critically about the situation, and have come to the conclusion that you CANNOT ride the "Abolish the N-Word" bandwagon because our most immediate needs aren't being addressed with the abolishment, as well as precious media and political resources being wasted on such a distant second or third issue in our community...

then you have passed the test and are officially a RETAINER of your Blackness....

As New Edition once said...

"sunny days... everybody loves them... but tell me baby, can... you... stand... the rain...."

How you like THEM apples:


Peace To The Gods & Goddess, ISLAM to the Moors (Mu'urs), As Salaamu Alaykum to the Muslims, Shalom Laikum to the Heb-rew Israelites and UHURU to the Revolutionists!!!

The question is can we handle the TRUTH (MA'AT)?

I wrote an article for "FRONTLINE" magazine three years ago called "FROM MERE MEN TO SUPER NIGGAS." In the article, I broke down the actual origin of the word "NIGGER" and "NIGGA" and both of them are derived from the word "NAGA." Check! We have two countries in Af-Ra-Ka (Africa) named "NIGER" and "NIGER-IA" but I don't see one damn (so-called) Black person telling the "NIGER-IAN" or the "NIGERIAN" please change your name because it is offensive to us. You may be wondering but NIG(G)ER and NIG(G)ERIA is missing the letter "G." It really doesn't matter. But if you are looking for the (so-call missing letter) "G" you can find it in the center of the compass and square of the Free & Accepted Masonic symbol. Any Mason will tell you (well, maybe they will and maybe they won't) but anyway I will. I never took an oath. So f-ck 'em. The letter "G" means or stands for "GOD" "GEOMETRY" or "GOVERNMENT." If you turn the letter "G" sideways, you will get a shape similar to an "EYE." Now go to Matthew 6:22 and it states,...when thine 'EYE' be single (meaning one EYE like the Greek myth of Cyclops, who had One/single "EYE" in the middle/center of his Forehead), thine whole body will be full of LIGHT." These three component, GOD, GEOMETRY and GOVERNEMENT were taken from us (Af-Ra-Kans/Africans) and perverted to enslave us. For example, the Moors (Muurs) or Olmec-Malian (Shi people or XI) descendants were the once owners of the these Americas. We were the original inhabitants. Allegedly, when the Europeans invaded Af-Ra-Ka (Africa) they found some of our descendants on the banks of the NIGER River. These were the Dogon-Malian-Mandingo-Mandes, the doctors, lawyers, politicians, masons, painters, musicians etc...were the ones that the Europeans brought over here. They didn't bring "shifting and jiving" Negroes over here. But even before, the 400 year old slave trade, our ancestors were here over 25,000 years ago. This has been documented on numerous occassions. But the words "NIGER" means in Ibo "King (Emperor)" and "NIGER-IA" means "Queen (Empress)." In fact, in Anthony T. Browers' book "NILE VALLEY CONTRIBUTIONS TO CIVILIZATION" he states, NGU is the original name the ancient Kama'atian/Egyptian "Kings" (NGA is the original name for the Queen...hence, the name origin of the two Af-Ra-Kan [African] countries NGU for NIGER and NGA for NIGER-IA...simply take the vow-ELs out). He goes on and state, the name/title "Pharoah," which menas "House of Fire" originated with the invasion of the Hyksos in the 15th Dynasty. Thus, the Nigers (Kings) & Nigerians (Queens), which originally dwelt in Kama'at/Egypt were the royal bloodline and they moved further west and form the countries NIGER & NIGER-IA. The word NGU is also spelled "NTU" or "NTR" as in NeTerU, the ancient Kama'atian (Egyptian) word for "God" or "Gods." So, I AM A NGU/NTU/NTR/NGA/NIGGA/NIGGER FOR LIFE & BEYOND!Also, throughout the world in every culture we find the word "NAGA" meaning in all of them "Serpent King/Queen" symbolizing "One who had mastered the Kundalini-Shakti/Shiva Power/Force or Energy." Oh, you all forgot about the Serpent that comes out of the forehead area from the Kama'atian (Egyptian) tiara or crown? It comes out at the crown because it represents the raising of the life-force within Man (Mind) & Womb-Man (Universe) to the intuitive/universal-magnetic/infinite conscious level. Here is more proof...if you got a problem with the facts that I present...its' simple prove me wrong...

'Nkosi,' means 'King,' in many AF-RA-KAM dialects. In 'Niger,' AF-RA-KA, the word for 'Serpent' is 'Nyoka' from the Kanyika, Kabenda, Mimboma, Musentandu, Kasands, Nyombe, Basunde, N'gola, Zubalo, Songa, Kisarn, and Nyarnban or 'Nyoke ' from Swahili. In Basuto, AF-RA-KA, the word for 'Serpent' is 'Noga.' The 'Nk' or 'Ng' is the original AF-RA-KAM sound. According to the "METU NETER" by Ra Un Nefer Amen on pg. 63 states " "Ng(k)," Nada, undifferentiated energy/matter to give rise to the ninth manifestationThe ninth manifestation is known as the "Mother of all living things." Gerald MASsey maintained that the 'Y' in the names is NOT a primary sound, but rather one that evolved from 'G.' Naya or Nayya in many North A-MERi-ka Native tribal dialects means 'Serpent.' The Dogon God-Serpent and the KaMA'atu (Egyptian) Serpent are identical. The God-Serpent is called "The One who Dances in the Shadows." In the Dogon's pantheon, the seventh ancestor transformed into a Serpent (Note: It is also within the Dogon's system of life that it takes three male spirits [3] plus three female spirits [3] to bring forth the Seventh [7th] generation [Hu{e}man Beings, made of Spirit flowing through a Body]; Showing everyone that every thought becomes physical or is made to matter in the seventh generation of thought) From this sepulcher the ancestor Serpent rises up to dance underground in the darkness and to move toward the tomb of the oldest man (The Soul embedded in the Pineal Gland, which oversees the Third Ventricle). According to "AFRICAN ORIGIN OF BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY" by Dr. Richard King, states, "the name for serpent exists in hieroglyphics where 'Nkakais' synonymously interchanged with 'Nakaad' in the Egyptian hymn to Amen-RA, the Sun God is said to send his arrows against the ev-il serpent 'Naka.' The Chaldeans taught that in most ancient times a race of Extra-terra- astrals (Extraterrestrials), the Serpent Men, Nakash-Na, warred with Sut-Typhon[s](Titans). China pyramids were built by the Moi of Vietnam and the Nakhis of Southern China, remnant of the ancient Mu (Mu'urish) civilizations.
The AF-RA-KAM word 'N-Gu-ru,' derived the Vedic Sanskrit word 'Gu-ru,' meaning 'Wise' or 'Teacher'. There is also a chakRA called the Guru ChakRA, which is part of the Crown ChakRA. This is the most top center chakRA. It is two inches over the top of the head. The First [Third] Eye or Brow ChakRA (Ajna-ChakRA) is also called the Guru ChakRA
'Ngu-ni' an AmaZulu word that means "Ancient Ones." Ngu-ni is the group name for the Zulu, Xhosa, Swazi, Ndebele, Shangaan and Ngoni peoples.
'Ngo-nyama' means 'Lion.' It also is another "Praise Name" for an AmaZulu King.
'Negro' is a Spanish word meaning 'Black.' Negro is closely connected to the word 'Necro,' a Greek word, which means 'Dead.' The connection with "Black" and "dead" is not necessarily a Nega-tive (is derived Naga from "Black Serpent," "MAgnetic Current" or Ida in the Yoga traditions) one. The Shaman ruler depended upon journeys into other RE-ALms above and below to contact ancestors and forces and to achieve power. In the esoteric sense, when the Kundalini has been properly unleashed, it produces a multi-interdimensional process. Psychic abilities develops, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, healing powers, prophesy, past-life memories, out-of body experiences (Astral travel, by activation of the Solar ChakRA and Soul travel, by the activation of the Crown ChakRA or Third Eye [First Eye]), direct awareness of auRAs and chakRAs, lucid dreams and vivid Life-like visions and contact with the (so-called 'Dead,') ancestors- spirit guides through inner voices. Thus, AF-RA-KAM (Black) people learnt how to communicate with the ancestors through the Mind via DNA memory.
'Negger,' means "Golden One," in KaMA'at (Egypt) Medu Neter. It is another form of Geb. It is also a termed for the "King-Initiate." It is the same word as Neb Heru (Kama'at) or Nibiru (Sumerian), the Golden Light (Auric Halo).
'Nigger' A word that denotes "Know-Ledge," or "WisDome" and NOT the WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY's former definition "One who is ignorance."
'Niger' A masculine derivative of the ancient KaMA'atu (Egyptian) word 'Ngu,' which means "Serpent King." It is a title that is bestowed upon the KaMA'atu (Egyptian) King (PhaRAoh) Priest, who has mastered the Healing science of the URAeus.
'Niger-ia' A feminine derivative of the ancient KaMA'atu (Egyptian) word 'Nga,' which means "Serpent Queen." It is a title that is bestowed upon the KaMA'atu (Egyptian) Queen, who has mastered the HeALing science of the URAeus.
'Nig-gina' is the Mesopotamian word for 'Justice.' In the Canaanite tradition, it is 'Sedek' as in MEL-CHI-SEDEK or the Biblical Archang-EL Micha-EL, the "Ang-EL of Justice."
'Nig-sisa' is the Mesopotamian word for 'Righteousness' In the Canaanite tradition, it is Misor. Therefore, together MISOR SEDEK becomes the Biblical, King of Righteousness (Peace) MELCHI-SEDEK.
'Niagra (River Fall)' means 'Black' A city in upstate New York boarding Canada.
"Nega Negast" An Ethiopian word which, means "(Serpent) King of Kings."
"Nag Hammadi" An ancient Aramaic and Hebrew scripture which means "The Serpent Black Guide."
'Naga-saki'- A Japanese city destroyed by an atomic bomb in 1945, by the U.S. and it means "Serpent Spirit" or "Serpent Life-Force.
'Naacal'[Nagal] (Mayax) The first Universal language; the language of Mu (EL Mu'uria) meaning "Serpent God." The EL Mu'urians (Lemurians) were great mariners, who founded settlements all over the Earth; often called the Moors (Mu'urs), the great Navigators. The first records of RE-li-gion are more than 70,000 years old. They tell us that a body of trained masters from Mu, called Naacals (Serpent Kings), were carrying to her various colonies and colonial empires, copies of the Motherland's Sacred Inspired RE-li-gion (Spirituality). These Naacals formed in each country uni-versities for the teaching of the priestcraft RE-li-gion, and the sciences. The priesthoods that were formed in these uni-versities, in turn taught the people. The Naacal writings are also called Neferit, or Medu Neter ("THE SACRED SYMBOLS OF MU" by James Churchward).
'Netjer' is the medu origin of the word Nigger, which means "God; God of Wis(z)-Dom(e) or Force of Nature". "Neteru-Ankh" KaMA'atu (Egyptian) Serpent God through whose body the Boat of Afu RA is pulled by twelve Amikhiu Neter (Gods), entering the tail and exiting the mouth, which results in Afu RA being transformed into KhepeRA, now towed into the sky by twelve goddesses.
'Nergal' is "the HeALer" in the Sumeria lore. In ancient Sumeria, the Anu-Naki ('Heavenly Serpent" "Sun Serpent" or "Serpent and the Rainbow") were Serpents, and Naki (E-NKI or s-NAKE) name for the Initiates of Chaldea, corresponding to the Nagas or "Snake-Kings" of the Buddhist legends, who preserves and guards the ancient truths. From these bloodlines has come the origin of the "Divine Right of Kings." There is a direct link between the D-RAcontia, the Lemurian, Atlantean architects and builders who were originally, the Brotherhood of the Snake/D-RAgON, initiated by the Sumerian god E. A. or, the Serpent (Kundalini and DNA) in the Garden of Eden (Universe and Body) who is credited with building temples and teaching the people. The Medu Neteru (Hieroglyphs), cosmological monuments and institutions of the peoples of Central and South America prove indisputably the existence of communication between AMER-ica, AF-RA-KA and India. Shub-Niggar-uth is an ancient Sumerian name for God, called later in Latin called Pan (which means ALL in ALL). It is a reference to the constellation Sirius.

Naki-EL- Another name of the Arch-AngEL UriEL. Naki-EL in Hebrew means "Serpent of God," or "Knowledge of God."
Dr. Joseph Rock, a representative of the US Department of Agriculture, discovered the Nakis, a colony of Mu'urs (so-called Blacks), in 1923 in Southern China (*previously mention). The wife of Anu-bis (An-pu, An [On] or Anu) was Anu-kis or A-Nuki-s (Anu-Naki, Oannes, Nommo). She sails the Celestial Boat of RA, with Sothis (Soquet, Sirius) and Satis.
Abe-Naki means "Father Serpent", a name of an Indigenous Mu'urish nation in Ameri-ka (so-called Native Ameri-kans).
'Naga,' means 'Serpent' in the Vedic Sanskrit. The Hindu Naga Serpent Gods of India are mention in the "UPANISHAD TEXTS". Naga (Nagini - fem) - Indian Serpent Ruler, son of Kadru (Kedar in Hebrew means 'Black'), daughter of Daksha, was a title of Spiritual Power among HU(e)Mans. It is first important to note that the Snake (Serpent Spirit) has been a symbol of wisdom, eternity healing, mystery, MAgical power, and holiness throughout most of the ancient non-western world. It's symbol is used today in medicine, and other healing professions (Caduceus; U-RAeus), - and its live descendants are hailed as sacred and used in everything from cancer drugs to sex potions. Naga represents the energy of Life and Death. The Naga spirits bring rain and rule the Underworld (the Belly or Navel ChakRA), the Nagas are manifestations of 'Agni' (fire), the Spirit Guardians; divided into four classes: 1. Heavenly 2. Divine 3. Earthly or 4. Hidden. The connections between the Blacks in AF-RA-KA and of India are strikingly similar, that even the names given to the various 'Naga' peoples of India and those of AF-RA-KA are the same in spelling and sound. For example, certain groups in Sudan are called 'Nagas,' whereas in India, Brahaman Vedic groups with racial features similar to the people of Sudan are also called 'Nagas.' "W. Robertson, "AN HISTORICAL DISQUISTION OF INDIA," Pub. 1794, Page 274. "The Brahmins, it is well known, borrowed religion, as well as, all other sciences of civilization, from the highly civilized Nagas, whom afterwards, they relentlessly persecuted." The languages spoken by the 'Naga's and other Dravidians such as Telegu, Malayalam, Kanada and others are related to the Kushite languages of East AF-RA-KA, such as Gala and those spoken by the Nilotic peoples. Moreover, these languages spread to West AF-RA-KA and far beyond India into Cambodia and South China. The ancient Indians belonged to the Kushite-Nubian AF-RA-KAM race. Of this group of ancient Af-RA-Kamau, the Naga People were and still are the largest subgroup of the Kushitic speaking branch of India. In fact, the 'Nagas' retain the title 'Naga' in various forms throughout AF-RA-KA and South Asia even today. There are many examples of the term 'Naga' still being used to describe various groups in AF-RA-KA and Asia. For example, two AF-RA-KAM tribes of West AF-RA-KA are called "Nuga-rmar-ta" and "Nago-mina" who were establishers of great civilizations in Ghana and Mali that existed in the region before 1000 B.C.E. In the Mossi tribe King is currently called 'Naga', which is 'Naba,' which later developed into 'Nuba' or 'Nubia.' The word 'Nahas' (Nahsi) is another word for 'Nubian.' Names of tribes and nationalities such as 'Nuer,' 'Nuba,' 'Nubian', and the North Ameri-kan/Delaware Nanticoke nation, the 'Le-Nape'or "EL Nabe" are all related to the Naga tribes of India and South Asia." In "THE MAGIC AND FOLK BELIEFS OF THE SOUTHERN NEGRO" by Newbile Niles Puckett, he states, "Thousands of Negroes from these serpent worshipping tribes were at this time sold into slaveryThey bore with them their cult of the snake. At the same period these Ewe speaking slaves [sic] were taken to Louisiana (mixed in with the IX-Olmec descendants, the Washitaw." Long before the Caucasian barbarians infiltrated India, the AF-RA-KAM Nagas, ruled India as well as a substantial portion of Asia from Arabia to China and the South Pacific, as well as the Indian Ocean region. In India, Af-RA-Kamau built the magnificent cities of Harrappa and Mohenjo-daro. It is one of the world's most glorious civilizations, 6000 years before the making of the plagiarized conceptualized JeSus (Ju-Zeus). In addition, the Babylonian word 'Nabu' or the Biblical (Heb-rew) word 'Nebo' is related to the word 'Nuba.' 'Nabu' or the Hebrew-Assyrian word 'Nebo' means 'Prophet or 'Eye ' as in the "ALL-Seeing Eye." 'Nabu' (Tehuti, Imhotep) was the son of Marduk (Asaru) was the scribe and herald of the gods. Moreover, 'Nabi' is the Arabic equivalent, which means "Master of Knowledge" and is derived from the ancient Kama'atu (Egyptian) word 'Neb.' meaning 'Gold.' 'Neb' (Serpent) spelt backwards is 'Ben,' (Phoenix-Bird or "Serpent in the Sky") short for "Ben Ben," meaning 'Source' or 'Spring.'
"Naga-RAj," means "King of Serpents" or "Serpent King."
"Naga-bhushan," means "One who wears Snakes as ornaments of Shiva."
"Nag-endRA, means "King of Snakes."
"Nag-esh," means, "Snake in Man."
"Naga Kanya," means "Snake of the RAinbow." The Naga Kanya a Seven-headed Naga, a counterpart of the God Vishnu. Naga-rjuna of India, for example, is shown with an aura, or halo, of Seven Serpents that is an indication of a very high degree of Initiation. The symbolisms of the Seven Serpents, usually cobras, are the (7) Seven ChakRAs, also on MAsonic aprons of certain systems in the Buddhistic ruins of Cambodia (Angk-or = "Ankh Ur" means "Living Light") and Ceylon. To this very day, the Hindus are taught that the end of every Universal Manifestation (Kalpa) ALL things are re-absorbed into Deity and the the interval between "creations." He reposes upon the Serpant Sesha (Duration) who is called Ananta, or, Endlessness.
"Naga Lakshmi," means "Queen of Snakes."
"Naga-mani," means the "Mind (Gem) of Serpents."
'NagAL' means "Serpent-God" and is the title of the medicine men, magicians and initiates in ancient Mexico, Central and South American Indigenous civilizations. NagAL is another name of Quetzalcoatl; the Mexican "Winged -Plumed Serpent God (Kundalini Shakti energy). "According to traditions, Quetzalcoatl is the instructor, builders, healers, astronomers, etc. He built roads, civilized the people and departed across the sea on MAgic "raft of Serpents." Quetzalcoatl was "recognized as the MESsiah by seers and astrologers; his head was RAyed like the Sun; his complexion was Black; his hair was woolly." In Uruguay, the word NagAL means 'Chief', a 'Teacher' or a "Serpent-God". 'The NagALs were known to the ancient Pre-Dravidian and the Sanskrit word for the South American NagALs is 'U-RAgas'. They are the present inhabitants of Naga-land, one of India's northeastern states. The Nagas were recognized as superior to humans. Those who later became the Nagas (Serpents in Sanskrit) in India, the Lung Dragons of China, and the Amarus in Peru, were elected to take the ancient wisdom to their respective countries. Later, a similar convocation would occur on Atlan-tis with certain Serpent MASters of that land chosen to take the Atlan-tean records and teachings to the Pan-Atlantic territories. These missionary Serpents became known in Mexico as the Quetzalcoatls, Kukulcans, Gucumatz and Viracochas; the Djedi/Jedi ("Stable Serpents") of Egypt, the Adder Moorish Druids of Britain (St. Patrick ran the Snakes out of Ireland), and the Dactyloi Serpents of Greece. (It is interesting to note that wherever the Lemurian or Atlan-tean Serpents established schools of wisdom, they built temples aligned with the Planet Venus, the stars of Sirius, the Orion constellation and the former pole star Thuban in Draco, which became associated with Saviors and Immortals).
In Buddhism, Wisdom has always been ties, symbolically, to the figure of the Serpent. The Buddha resting on the coils of the Naga Serpent Mucalinda sheltered the Buddha from a weeklong rainstorm by enfolding him in his coils; this tale is from Angkor Wat. The great temple-builders of the famous Ankgor Wat were considered the semi-divine 'Khmers' (Note: Khmers means "Creators" is derived from the AF-RA-KAM words 'Khnum [Kh-NUM],' the ancient KaMA'atu [Egyptian] name for "The Creator" and 'Nommo[s],' the KaMA'atu [Egyptian] derivative name of "The Creator" of the Dogon of Mali formerly of KaMA'at [Egypt]). The avenue leading to the Temple is lined with the Seven-headed Naga (the Kundalini's Seven energy centers chakRAs) and is in the exact configuration of the Constellation Draco of 12,500 years ago.
'Aguna' is the Solomon Islands Serpent Mother Goddess.
'Naggai' is Hebrew and it means "giving light: shining: brilliant: illuminating: enlightening: luminous intelligence." 'Nachash,' is HebREw and means 'Serpent.' In Arabic, it is 'Naya' (Nayya) or 'Nachaas'; in fact, the Arabic word for "Serpent People" is 'Naas,'(gNos-is) and this is the RE-ALm of the People or those made from mud "Black mud (MEL-anin)." 'Naasuwt' and even in English, it is s-Nake. Neke and Nakahi-Maori are also names for 'Serpents.' According to the "METU NETER" by Ra Un Nefer Amen pg 98, states"the hieroglyphic symbol for this part of the spirit is a serpent (Apep, Nak, from whence Nachash, - the "serpent" that spoke to the woman in the Garden of Eden). This part of the spirit is composed of subtle electro-magnetic energies that have the function of animating Man's life, especially the physical body. Hence, the name "animal spirit," or "anima and animus," as it was called in the Latin spiritual tradition. Our modern use of the term "animal" to denote the creatures that are thus identified is an example of muddling thinking. All things in this world are infused with this animating spirit."
'Nazarene' (Nasarene, Naaserene or Naas) is a Heb-rew (Het Heru) word which means "Aider, Helper or Friend;" according to "WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY" means "a native or resident of Nazareth 2a: Christian" From the Heb-rew (Het Heru) word 'Nazar-ene,' 'Nasir' or 'Nasar'/ 'Anasar' or 'Naas;' the Greek word 'Gnosis' or 'gNosis,' which means 'knowledge,' 'recognition' or 'intuitive' and the word Greek word 'Essene,' which is derives the word Essence, meaning "the individual," 'real,' or ultimate Nature (Neter) of a thing 2: something that exists: ENTITY. The 'Essene' "a member of a monastic brotherhood of (real) Jews (Heb-rews/Het Heru) in Palestine from the 2nd century B.C. to the 2nd century A.D." Both words are derived from the Heb-rew word Nazi-r.
'Nazareth' a town in Palestine, which did NOT exist until after the so-called death of Jesus Christ.
'Nazirite' or 'Nazarite' according to "WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY' means "a (real) Jew (Heb-rew or Het Heru, the "House of [Heru]-Light) of biblical times consecrated to God by a vow esp. to avoid drinking wine, cutting the hair, and being defiled by a corpse." The German word 'Nazi,' the German fascist party controlled under Hitler in 1933 to 1945, is also derived from the Heb-rew word 'Nazi-r' or 'Nazi-rite.' In addition, the "HOLY BIBLE" speaks of Mount 'Nisir.' The "HOLY BIBLE" states that Jesus was a 'Nazarene,' from Nazareth (Eventhough, Nazareth was NOT a town until years later after the so-called crucifixtion (crucifiction). Hence, the origin of the "HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT" Matthew 10:16 verse "Be ye therefore wise as Serpents, yet gentle as doves."
In China, the Naga is given the form of the DRAgON, also called the "DRAgON Spirit" and has a direct association with the Emperor-King and is known as the "Son of Heaven." In Tibet, they are still known in a symbolic sense and are called "Lu (D-RAg-On)!" In the Sumerian lore man was named LuLu (SupREme D-RAgON of D-RAg-ONs). The Chinese are even said to have originated with the Serpent demi-gods and even to speak their language, Naga-Krita (it has been scientifically, proving that the Chinese are from the Ngu-AF-RA-KAM descent). For a place that has no Serpents, Tibet, they are still known in a symbolic sense and are called "Lu!" (Naga). Nagarjuna called in Tibetan, Lu-trub. It has a equivalency to the Burmese 'Nats', or "God-Serpents". Discoveries dating back 6,000 years before Christ show AF-RA-KAMau (Black) settlers called Natufians in Palestine. Gerald Massey, a French anthropologist, claims, "The sole race that can be traced among the aborigines all over the Earth, or below it, is the dark race of negrito type."
'Nahua' is a Mexican word which, means 'Serpent'
Naga is found even in the so-called Western traditions. One simple example is the Ancient Greek Goddess, Athena. She is known as a warrior Goddess as well as the Goddess of Wisdom; her symbol being the Serpent as displayed on her personal shield.
Philo (Arrius Piso) stated that it was in Kashmir that A-POL-lonius of Tyana, a Pythagorean philosopher (a pseudonym for Arrius. A fictional character of Saul (Sol, Roman Sun-God and changed name to Paul from A-POL-lo, another Roman Sun-God) became instructed by the 'Nagas' and completed his initiation into the mysteries.

Naga: The Serpent
by Soror Ourania
Reprinted from Thelemix and Therion Rising
The word Naga is rooted in Sanskrit and means "Serpent". In the East Indian pantheon it is connected with the Serpent Spirit and the Dragon Spirit. It has a equivalency to the Burmese Nats, or god-serpents. In the Esoteric Tradition it is synonymous for Adepts, or Initiates. In India and Egypt, and even in Central and South America, the Naga stands for one who is wise.
Nagarjuna of India, for example, is shown with an aura, or halo, of seven serpents, which is an indication of a very high degree of Initiation. The symbolisms of the seven serpents, usually cobras, are also on Masonic aprons of certain systems in the Buddhistic ruins of Cambodia (Angkor = Ankh Ur or "Living Light") and Ceylon. The great temple-builders of the famous Angkor Wat were considered to be the semi-divine Khmers. The avenue leading to the Temple is lined with the seven-headed Naga. And even in Mexico, we find the 'Naga' which becomes 'Nagal.' In China, the Naga is given the form of the Dragon and has a direct association with the Emperor and is known as the "Son of Heaven"...while in Egypt the same association is termed "King-Initiate." The Chinese are even said to have originated with the Serpent demi-gods and even to speak their language, Naga-Krita. For a place that has no serpents, Tibet, they are still known in a symbolic sense and are called 'Lu!' (Naga). Nagarjuna called in Tibetan, Lu-trub.
In the Western traditions we find the same ubiquity for the Naga, or SerpentOf course, in Genesis the Serpent is a Naga who instructs the new infant (humanity) in what is called the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Christian church has, unfortunately transformed the Initiate-Teacher into a tempting and negative demon-characterNaga is one of a handful of rare words surviving the loss of the first universal language (Naacal). In Buddhism, Wisdom has always been ties, symbolically, to the figure of the Serpent. In the Western Tradition it can be found that Christ in the "HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT Matthew 10:16," stated, "Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." In all mythological language, the snake is also an emblem of immortality. Its endless representation with its tail in its mouth (Ouroboros), and the constant renewal of its skin and vigor, enliven the symbols of continued youth and eternity. The Serpent's reputation for positive medicinal and/or life-preserving qualities has also contributed to the honors of the Serpent as still seen by the employment of the Caduceus. To this very day, the Hindus are taught that the end of every Universal Manifestation (Kalpa) all things are re-absorbed into Deity and the interval between 'creations.' He reposes upon the Serpant Sesha (Duration) who is called Ananta, or, Endlessness. (See OPHIOLATREIA by Hargrave Jennings). -G-R, NETYR, NIGER, NEGRO, "NIGGER," NIGGA, THE ORIGIN OF A SACRED WORD

"Thou shall not take the name of the Lord, thy God in vain," is one of the ten commandments, yet, the racist term "Nigger" a derivative of the original name for God, "N-G-R"(pronounced "Net-ger") is continually used and taken to insult. The term "Nigger" has its origins in the sacred and divine title for "God," and came from the Egyptian WORD FOR GOD. That word is "Net-yer" or "Net-ger" from which the English terms "nature" and "nurture" came from. The idea of God being nature and nature being God, comes from the African and Egyptian idea of what God is which shows down to the similarities in the terms used to describe aspects of the Godhead.


The letter "N" is one of the most important prefixes in the African, Afro-Asiatic, Indo-Negroid, Negro-Australoid, Melanesian, Australian Aborigine, Austric, Kong-San (Bushmanoid), Sudroid languages. In fact, the sacred "N" as in "Ni-han" (Rising Sun) OR "NG" as in "ChaNG," (ChaNGo in Manding-Congo), "Ndong" in Vietnamese (Ndongo (Angolan Kingdom) in African Manding-Congo languages) is also found in both Chinese and Japanese. In fact ancient Chinese, Vietnamese, South Indian, SriLankan, Melanesian, Australian Aboriginal and modern Japanese show strong similarities to Bantu (proto-historic Sahara, Niger-Congo), languages (see "African Presence Early Asia," by Ivan Van Sertima and Runoko Rashidi) See also the works of Clyde A. Winters also go to (HISTORY TIMELINE) and

The letter "N" is also the word that denotes any title pertaining to human beings. In fact in Bantu or Niger-Congo and Cushic languages, the letter "N" is found as the first letter in many names. For example the name "Ndaba," = "counsil" while the name "Ndabaningi" is the first name of Africans in region thereof.

HOW THE WORD FOR GOD, "N-G-R" (Net-ger) became Niger, Negro and "Nigger"

The ancient Egyptians called their Pharaohs "N-G-R" (Net-ger) because the Egyptian Pharaoh was seen as a representation of the sun and the Sun God. The original Pharaohs who were pure Black Africans SAW BLACK SKIN AS SACRED AND A DIRECT BLESSING FROM THE SUN GOD, ATEN. In fact Blackness and black skin became associated with God and the sun. BLACK PEOPLE WERE POWERFUL, CULTURALLY ADVANCED, MILITARILY SUPERIOR, BLACK/DARKBROWN IN COMPLEXION, STRONG STATURE, TALL AND DESCRIBED AS A "HANDSOME" RACE , (SEE HERODOTUS, "THE HISTORIES, DESCRIPTIONS OF "ETHIOPIANS" OF AFRICA AND SOUTH INDIA).

The recognition of the Pharaoh as a living God and the black skin as a blessing spread worldwide to other cultures. In fact the term "Net-ger" became the Ethiopian "Negus" or "Negashi."

In the Sudroid (Indo-Negroids of India) languages of India, which are part of the Cushite branch of the African languages, the term "Naga" denotes original or first.
In fact, in ancient India, the people with the blackest skins were respected and held to igh esteem, unlike today where the racist, colonialist and alien concept of "varna" or castecolor racism places Sudroids, Indo-Negroids, Black Tribals, Dalits, Negro-Australoids and other BLACKS AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF iNDIAN SOCIETY.

The term "Ngola" (Angola) means "King" in the Angolan languages. This term was mistaken by the Portugese to mean the DESCRIBE "Ndongo," the kingdom.

The first people to corrupt the term "N-G-R" were the Roman invaders of Egypt who may have heard the term used to describe the
leader of Egypt or Nubia. The term "Niger" was later used to mean any Black/Negroid person that the Romans saw in Africa or anywhere else.

The Romans tried to invade Nubia during the early years of the Christian Era. Then, Nubia-Kush was ruled by a line of Queens called "Ka'andak'es (Candace). One such queen and her son defeated the Roman army at Aswan, (see ) Egypt and burned the Roman Fort.
The Romans colonized and spread the Latin language to Europe. Due to this linguistic influence, the Latin term "Niger" became "Negre" in French and "Negro" in Spanish.

The English colonialists and slave entity borrowed the term "Negro" from the Spanish. The term for Black people in England before Shakespeare was "Moor" or "Black-a-Moor." The English slave owners degraded and defiled the entire name by turning the Negro into a slave and turning the original term "Ned-ger" or "God" into the racist term "Nigger." One can say that they have insulted the sacred name for "God" and have oppressed the original people created by God. This phenomena is due to their own sense of inferiority.


N-G-R (net-ger) Ancient Egyptian for God

Net-tyr (Net-ger) Khemitic/ancient Egyptian = God, Sacred, Nature

Net-tyr (Net-ger)

Negus (Nee-goos) Ethiopian term for "Emperor."

Negashi (Nee-gah-shee) Ethiopian term for "Emperor or King."

Niger: Roman/Latin term for Black or Negro

Negre: French for Negro or Black

Negro: Spanish for Black

"Nigger" racist, corrupted term used to insult, degrade, enfuriate.

Nigga: (pronounced "nig-gah), used as a term of endearment by some youth; rejected by others as sounding too close to the racist term "Nigger."

Netzer (as in Nazerine) Hebrew for "root, original)

Naga (South Indian and African term) (Black Negro tribes of India and Africa - Sudan to Nigeria) = original

Nagaloka - The Black Negro, Negro-Australoid, Indo-Negroid/Sudroid
lands and people in Asia (India to Indonesia)
(see more from the book, "Nagaloka,' by M. Gopinath (Dalit Sahitya Akademy, Bangalore, India) also see "A History of Racism and Terrorism, and Overcoming," at

Ndaba (Manding-Congo/South Africa) = A counsil of wise people, kings, chiefs, ect.

Ngola (Manding-C.. "King/Lord"

Nkosi = God (Zulu, South Africa)

Ngosi = blessing (Ibo, Nigeria)

Nyamekye = God's Gift (Akan, Ghana)

Nile (Egypt, Sacred River)

Niger (West Africa; Sacred River)

Niger (country in West Africa)

Nigeria (country in West Africa)

Nugarmatta: Term used by Africans of Ghana Empire to call themselves (see writings of Ibn Buttata -- National Geographic Magazine

So this is the true story and origins of the "N" word.




And now our eyes are open just a little wider.. maybe we can appreciate the brilliance of Paul Mooney just a little more...





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