Monday, March 24, 2008

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Polarity Practice

Our bodies are alive with trillions of electromagnetic flows and swirls. When these are strong and orderly we feel good and are generally healthy. At such times our bodies will be polarized at ninety degrees — positively at the head and negatively at the feet. When stress overcomes us, the polarity shifts and the body becomes increasingly favorable to overgrowth of scavenger forms of bacteria, mold, yeast, parasites, and viruses whose purpose is to break the body down when we die. Overgrowths of scavengers in the blood produce fatigue and other symptoms of approaching illness. The practices below, done repeatedly during the day, will restore our body to 90 degrees polarity, roll back the overgrowths, and help us to

Steeple Picture.Correct the Flow of Your Energy

"The Steeple" helps restore our polarity and brings order to the energy moving in the body. (do not press the palms together). In a healthy person, energy flows up the left side of their body and down their right side. Our too-busy lives can weaken our polarity and reverse that flow. Then we become unnaturally tired or agitated, our thinking becomes "foggy," and we don’t feel good.

Forming The Steeple by touching the ends of the fingers together (as shown at the left) will correct the flow of energy, and energize the whole body.

The Gorilla Thump Picture.Correct the Spin of your Chakras

"The Gorilla Thump" energizes and promotes health in our bodies. It also corrects the spin of all chakras. Gorillas thump their chests when they are anxious, frightened, or feeling threatened in some way. Thumping corrects the spin of their Chakras and enlivens their whole body. It gives them courage.

Stress disturbs our polarity. It is epidemic in the modern world and often causes chakras to spin in reverse. This makes frequent thumping of the chest a matter of good sense for everyone.

The Gorilla Thump corrects the spin of our chakras and enlivens us. It also helps us to face life with courage.

The Pregnancy Pose Picture.Revive Your Exhausted Adrenal Glands

"The Pregnancy Pose" helps polarize our body and sends energy to the adrenal glands which sit atop the kidneys slightly above the lowest rib in the back.

When we exhaust our Life Force, and "keep going," our body thinks we are under attack. It responds by pumping us full of adrenaline. Soon the adrenal glands become exhausted. If we ignore that exhaustion, illness is sure to follow.

Healthy people are full of Life Force. They get it from regular hours, good food, clean water and air, and the touch of those who love them. They get it from laughter and smiles, and positive thought and speech. Healthy people run their lives on Life Force. Doing The Pregnancy Pose - a lot - every day can help us FEEL-GOOD-AGAIN. valign="top"> ..table>


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Super Immune Boosting Soup

Below is the recipe of a wonderful herbal soup. At any time of the year we can all use a little help with our immune systems. The Miso added at the last moment saves it from being bland.

1 big Yellow Onion, chopped.
6 cloves garlic, chopped.

1 cup dried shitake mushrooms.
¼ cup crumbled seaweed.

1" piece ginger, grated or chopped.
1 cup brown rice.

4" piece of burdock root (as you will want to remove this woody root after cooking make many small slices along its length, keeping it in one piece).

4 cups (or more) chopped veggies, like kale, carrots, celery, lotus root.
10 cups of water.

Note: Every element of the soup is a powerful enhancer of the immune system - especially burdock, shitake mushroom, ginger and lotus root. A good health food store will have all these items, fresh or dried.

Place everything together in a big pot - bringing to a boil - immediately reduce to simmer.
Simmer at very low setting at least 45 minutes.

To an individual soup bowl add:
Miso to taste, powdered or paste (never cook miso)
Cayenne pepper to taste.

Reheat only the amount to be eaten. mmmmmmmmmmm

Bill Stratton ©2007