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Pork Eating is Dangerous to Health

Pork contains 60% fat
ham 51% (which is also pork)
lean mutton 14%
lean beef only 6% fat

If three pieces each of pork, mutton and beef are put in the sun, the pork will rot first, mutton the next and the beef the last. Mutton and beef require 3 hours to be digested, whereas pork takes 4 hours. According to the following table from "A Study of Nutrition", published by Chung Ch’eng Press of Taiwan, the fat content in pork is the highest among all meats. Meat percentage of fat:

• pork 91%
• beef 35%
• lean pork 29%
• lean beef 6%

If you take two pieces of flesh pork and beef both of the same age and put them in the sun, the pork will rot first and then beef, but if the same meats are cooked, pork will be the last to be cooked. According to medical research, beef requires three hours to be digested but pork needs four hours.
Pork eating will cause ulcers and stomach ache, pimples on the face, will cause "wen" meaning tumor, a cousin of cancer. Some pig parasites have heads at both ends and live in veins. They poison the human blood. They reach the eyes and cause blindness. If they reach the ears they cause deafness. They cause weakening of memory and loss of hair leading to baldness. Pork eating encourages revival of old ailments like rheumatism and asthma. Parasites are found in pig’s tongue, intestines, lungs and flesh and worms are found in its intestines, colon, stomach, mucous membrane, bowels and skin. Roasting does not kill them. Pig is the greatest carrier of diseases to mankind. It is for this reason that its flesh is not suitable for human consumption.
Dr. Glen Shephard wrote the following on the dangers of pork eating on May 31st, 1952 in the Washington Post: "One in six people in the United States of America and Canada have germs in their muscles TRICHINOSIS. From pork eating infected with TRICHINA worms. Many people so infected show no symptoms. Most of these who do have, recover very slowly, some die, some are reduced to permanent invalids. All were careless pork eaters. No one is immune from this disease and there is no cure. Neither anti-biotic nor drugs, nor vaccines affect these tiny deadly worms. Preventing infection is the only answer. Fully-grown TRICHINA worms are about 1/8" long and about 1/400" broad. They remain alive for up to 40 years, curled up in lemon shaped invisible tiny capsules between muscle fibers. When you eat infected meat, those dormant worms reach your blood. Symptoms can resemble those of 50 other diseases. This makes diagnosis difficult. Ordinary methods of salting and smoking do not kill those worms, nor can the Government inspection 9f meat at packing houses or abattoirs can identify all infected pork."
God wants us to be clean and pure both physically as well as spiritually. Science lays great emphasis on hygiene but neglects the importance of the cultivation of human nature in its purest form. The abstention from eating pork is just one of the steps taken by Islam to practice hygiene and to attain "purity of human nature". The nature of a pig is a very disgusting one. The pig is naturally lazy and indulgent in sex (practice homosexuality also). It dislikes sun-light and lacks the spirit and will to ’fight’. The older it grows, the lazier it gets. It eats almost anything, be it feces or anything dirty. It prefers dirty places to clean ones. It eats and sleeps only and hates to move around. It is the most avaricious of all domestic animals.
There is no real guarantee of safety. To take pork then is a gamble with one’s health.

All major religions prohibit pork eating:¬-

• Jews
o Deuteronomy 14:8 says --"The pig is also unclean, although it has a split hoof, it does not chew or cud. You are not to eat their meat or touch their carcasses."
o Leviticus 11:7-8 says--"Though the pig has split hooves, but it does not chew cud. It is unclean for you. You cannot eat any of its flesh. And you must not touch its dead body. It is unclean for you."

• Christians
o Acts 10: 14 says --"Surely not, Lord! "Peter replied, "I have never eaten anything impure or unclean."
o Acts 11:8 says--"Peter replied. Surely not Lord! Nothing impure or unclean has ever entered my mouth."

• Seventh Day Adventists do not eat pork.

• Muslims
o Holy Qur’aan at Surah Baqara at 2:173 says--"Allah has forbidden you only the dead animal and the blood and the flesh of swine."
o Holy Qur’aan at Surah Nahl at 16:115 says--"Allah has forbidden you only the meat of dead animal and the flesh of swine.

• Hindu religion prohibits pork eating. High caste Hindus consider it shameful to eat pork. Only the low caste Harijans and untouchables eat pork.

• Zoroastrians shun eating pork.

• Buddhists never touch pork.

• A Chinese Book of Rites says---"A gentleman does not eat flesh of pig or dog."

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